Shavon Randle

Man Sentenced to 40 Years in Connection With 13-Year-Old Shavon Randle's Kidnapping, Killing

Metro/Lancaster PD

One of the men indicted in connection with the kidnapping and killing of 13-year-old Shavon Randle in 2017 was sentenced last month, Dallas County court records show.

LaQuon Deshon Wilkerson, 34, pleaded guilty to engaging in organized criminal activity and was sentenced to 40 years in prison, according to records filed Aug.16.

Three other charges filed against Wilkerson, including an aggravated kidnapping charge related to the Randle case, were dismissed, records show.

Randle was kidnapped in June 2017 from a home in Lancaster in what authorities believe was retaliation for stolen drugs. Her body was found four days later in an abandoned house in east Oak Cliff.

A second person, 19-year-old Michael Titus, was also found dead in the house with Randle. Titus had initially been named a person of interest in Randle's kidnapping.

Since Randle's death, several people have been indicted in connection with the case, but none has been charged with murder.

During the trial of one of the men, Desmond Jones, prosecutors said Randle's murder was a revenge killing on her family after her cousin's boyfriend, Kendall Perkins, stole 22 pounds of marijuana from a gang to which Jones belonged.

The drugs were taken from a motel room, where Darius Fields and his girlfriend, LaPorshya Polley, had been staying.

Jones was sentenced in February 2020 to 99 years in prison on a charge of engaging in organized crime.

Perkins was later indicted on a charge of aggravated robbery, but the case has not gone to trial.

Polley was sentenced in January 2019 to four years in prison and two years of supervised release on a count of federal firearms charges. Officials said she bought a gun for Fields, a convicted felon who is not legally permitted to buy firearms, The Dallas Morning News reported.

In May 2019, Fields was sentenced to 18 years in federal prison on a weapons charge related to the case. The judge in the case said she thought Fields was involved in Randle's disappearance but did not order her murder.

Devontae Owens remains jailed in Dallas County. Cell phone records placed Owens near Randle's home and their phones traveled in the same direction before hers was shut off, an affidavit stated.

Owens was indicted in 2017 on an aggravated kidnapping charge. A trial date has not been scheduled for his case.

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