Man Says Guards at Dallas Strip Club Called Him N-Word, Beat Him

A man claims he was “violently attacked” and called the N-word by white security guards at a strip club in Dallas on Cinco de Mayo.

Jalen Bell posted pictures of himself with a neck brace and other injuries he says he received from security guards at XTC Cabaret on N. Stemmons Freeway.

“They punched, stomped and grabbed my throat with such force I felt my trachea beginning to snap,” Bell wrote on Facebook. “They cracked my ribs and injured my eyes, jaw and back.”

Credit: Lee Merritt, Jalen Bell

Bell’s Facebook post said it happened after Bell accidentally set his drink down in a reserved area of the club and one of the men put a cigarette out in his drink. The man and Bell exchanged words and Bell said he and his friend decided to leave. The group of security guards were waiting at the exit and without provocation, beat them “like animals,” the Facebook post said.

The post continued, “After they were done they just kicked us out and went on with business as usual. I am a U.S. Navy Veteran and I understand sometimes people do terrible things for no reason at all. But we live in a country of laws. These men attacked me and my friend because they could. We were black and vulnerable and they don’t believe that the law will have any consequences for them. This is not ok. Share this and help me demand these men be prosecuted and this club is held accountable.”

The club released the following statement Wednesday afternoon:

“XTC Cabaret Dallas has a zero tolerance policy for any kind of discrimination. Our club has a very diverse clientele, equally diverse management and staff, and has been in business a long time. Our initial understanding is that this incident involved what was deemed to be an unruly customer. We are continuing to investigate the incident internally and ask the community to be patient until that is concluded.”

Attorney Lee Merritt, who is representing a man claiming to have been beaten by strip club security guards, spoke in a press conference. The alleged incident occurred at XTC Cabaret on N. Stemmons Freeway.

Dallas police said Bell reported the alleged attack on Monday afternoon. According to police, Bell told them he and his friends were leaving the club at about 4 a.m. Sunday when an individual put him in a chokehold. Bell told them he was able to get out of the chokehold, but was then assaulted by multiple people. Bell told officers he left the club and went to the hospital.

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