Woman, 64, Mugged, Knocked Down Inside Drug Store

Dallas police are searching for the man who mugged a 64-year-old woman and knocked her to the ground as she checked out at a drug store last month.

The mugging happened at about 6:15 p.m. Sunday, June 21 at a Walgreens located in the 2600 block of Fort Worth Avenue in Dallas.

Surveillance video shows Alice Zaccarello checking out at the store. She said her wallet was in her hands when a man behind her grabbed it.

“That was the oddest thing,” Zaccarello said. “All of the sudden, I felt this something coming around my waist, because the wallet was in my hands about waist level, and he came around and when he was coming around, I immediately knew what was happening, so I tried to keep my wallet, but he was faster than I was.”

Zaccarello was forced to the ground as she tried to keep control of her wallet.

“I tried to grab his legs and that didn’t work,” Zaccarello said. “So he ran out the door and I ran after him, and there was a car waiting for him outside the door.”

The man was described as white, estimated to be 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighing about 200 pounds with brown hair. He was wearing bluejeans and a red Atlanta Falcons jersey with the number seven on it.

Zaccarello said the man got into the passenger side of a red, four-door vehicle, possibly a Chevrolet or Toyota, and fled the area.

Zaccarello said there was about $200 in the wallet, but she’s mainly worried about her driver’s license, fearing someone could steal her identity.

“I had a credit card and debit card and I immediately checked with those companies and they hadn’t been used and I closed them down,” Zaccarello said. “I wanted my driver’s license back – that’s the main reason I wanted my wallet.”

Police are asking anyone who knows the identity of the man in the surveillance video contact Detective Cleary of the Dallas Police Department Southwest Investigative Unit at 214-670-7471.

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