Man in Wig, Sunglasses Tries to Steal Purses at Church

Police release photos of attempted purse theft

A would-be purse thief dressed up in an elaborate disguise and tried to walk out of a Weatherford church with an arm full of bags during Easter services, police say.

The man dressed in a hat, large sunglasses and a long wig. He man walked into the North Side Baptist Church on Main Street during services on the Saturday night before Easter, said Keith Warren, executive pastor.

He used the same route churchgoers take to crowded services -- with one small turn through a door to where the purses were located backstage.

But security teams watched the man enter the church on cameras scattered throughout the church.

"They found him backstage with some purses in his hand, about to leave," Warren said.

The man dropped the purses and ran.

Warren said the church believes the man had spent some time casing the church.

"It appears that they had at least been here before," Warren said. "They knew where the camera was and not to look at it."

The purses were returned to their rightful owners after service. Most of the church members had no idea anything was wrong.

"I feel for the person," Warren said.

"Unfortunately, churches can be an easy target," he said.

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