Man In Euless Accused of Soliciting Yardwork, Exploiting Seniors

A helpful neighbor or an outright scammer? A woman in Euless said a man is preying on seniors, promising to do yardwork and running off with their cash.

Jan Harrison is a woman of strong faith.

She said she'd give a stranger the shirt off her back.

"I was raised to help all the people I could," she said.

So, when a stranger showed up at her home last month, she welcomed him with open arms.

She said Ani Palau told her that he was new to the area and was looking for a job.

He asked if she needed any yardwork done.

"I said well, as a matter of fact I do," she said.

Harrison said she showed him the backyard, and he said he would cut down the trees, repair the shed and replace her gate for $400.

But he needed an advance.

Harrison said Palau came back and tore down the shed, but that was all he did.

"Then he started coming every day," she said.

She says he showed up asking for more money, and more money.

Harrison said he even drove her to the bank, And most recently, Palau took her debit card and got the money himself. 

"I got smart and realized something wasn't adding up here," she said.

Harrison finally told her children what happened.

After looking Palau up online, they came across this article where the same man was accused of similar acts against seniors in Utah.

Harrison said she immediately called the Euless Police Department.

"The police detective called me this morning and said he's had several complaints from this area for the same thing," she said.

As Harrison waits for something to be done, she said she is left both angry and heartbroken.

"You broke my trust in people, my faith in people. You've hurt me. I can forgive him because God would want that. But, I can't forget it," said Harrison.

Euless PD told NBC 5 they are currently gathering evidence in this case and the investigation is ongoing.

We reached out to Palau for a comment but have not heard back.

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