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Man Flees Officers by Walking Into Lake Worth: Police

The man allegedly stole a gun before police approached him, police say

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There was an unusual water rescue in Tarrant County when police had to fish a suspect from a lake.

Video of the arrest was posted online by Lake Worth Police Chief J.T. Manoushagian.

According to Fort Worth police, it began with a theft call Tuesday afternoon at a store in Fort Worth where a man reportedly stole a gun. He left the store but the vehicle he was in was spotted parked near Lake Worth.

“When officers approached the suspect, he actually went into the water, I guess trying to avoid being arrested,” said Officer Daniel Segura with the Fort Worth Police Department.

The man may not have considered that Lake Worth Police had a boat they were prepared to use.

Within minutes police located, rescued and returned the man to shore where he was arrested and charged with theft. Video of the arrest shows the suspect holding onto the side of a boat before he’s brought onto a dock and arrested.

“In my almost 21 years, this is probably the first time that I see it. So, no, it's not very common,” said Segura.

The man's name has not been released.

Segura said the investigation is ongoing.

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