Man Exposes Self to Children in Trophy Club Park

Police in Trophy Club are looking for a man they believe exposed himself to two young girls in a busy park.

The victims told TCPD officers it happened about 6:15 p.m. Tuesday on a lake trail in the Lakes of Trophy Club neighborhood; located off of Durango Drive and Lakeshore Drive.

According to the police release, the man approached the two preteens on a trail bordered by trees and said “hi” while exposing his genitalia.

The man is described as a white male between 35-40 years of age with a medium build and broad shoulders. He’s about six-feet tall with dirty blonde hair and was reported as wearing khaki pants and a blue polo shirt with a small checkered pattern and brown shoes.

Trophy Club Police Chief Patrick Arata said the girls eventually went to their parents after spending more time at the park, told them what happened, and the parents brought one of them to the department to file a report.

The victims reported that there were other people in the park at the time, and Arata said officers are trying to interview students and others in the area to see if anyone may have saw the man.

Several neighbors were shocked and concerned to learn about the incident Wednesday.

"It's actually really scary, we have a lot of kids out here, this is a very family oriented neighborhood,” said Diane Gil who lives just up the street from the park.

There are also four schools within just a few blocks of where the incident was reported.

"We've increased our patrols, especially around the schools and the lake area to make sure that the presence is there and make sure people know that we're out and we know this is serious and we don't want this to happen again in our town,” said Chief Arata.

Anyone with information about the suspect is asked to call the Trophy Club police at 972-434-5500.

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