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Man Denies Kidnapping Teen, Says She's Lying, That They Were Dating

In jailhouse interview, man says his girlfriend is angry and lying and that he never kidnapped or assaulted her

The 24-year-old man accused of kidnapping a teenager and sexually assaulting her says he and the victim were dating, that she's mad at him and that she's lying about the allegations against him.

Diamond Marquis Williams told NBC 5 Thursday during an interview at the Tarrant County Jail that he loves the girl accusing him of kidnapping and assault and that her lies put him behind bars.

He said they'd had a fight after he found her texting another man from his phone. He admitted he has trust issues and got angry, but said that he never held her against her will or sexually assaulted her.

"It's easy to prove that I didn't kidnap her like she's trying to say. She's been around my family, she's been around my job with the keys in the car, she's been around multiple people, witnesses that have seen her. We were happy, cuddled up. That's not kidnapping," said Williams. "It's even on video. It's easy for me to prove it."

On Wednesday, Azle police said the girl ran into a fast food restaurant saying she'd been kidnapped, held for five days against her will and sexually assaulted. Officers said the girl was covered in blood, but Williams said that blood was his -- the result of a cut on his arm that occurred when he tried to get his phone back.

When asked for details about the cut during the interview Thursday, Williams declined to elaborate on how he became injured saying his attorney advised him not to say anything that may negatively impact his girlfriend.

"I know that she loves me," Williams said. "I would never hurt her. I know I scared her a little bit ... I would never try to hurt her."

Williams, who often got emotional during the interview, made allegations against the girl's family and said they had been living in his car because she didn't feel like she had anywhere else she could go. He said she'd only reached out to her mother once and that he'd gone into a pawn shop to sell some jewelry so that he could buy her some food.

That's where police found him Wednesday and took him into custody.

Williams, who said he didn't know the girl was underage, remains behind bars in the Tarrant County Jail charged with aggravated kidnapping and aggravated sexual assault.

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