Man Confesses to Using Machete to Kill Man, Woman in South Dallas: Police

Man suspected in double-murder tells police he was mad when he started swinging a machete

A Dallas man is behind bars after confessing to using a machete to kill a man and a woman whose bodies were discovered Sunday in an abandoned car in South Dallas.

Kris Askew, 46, was arrested in his home Sunday by Dallas police and charged with capital murder. He is being held in the Dallas County Jail; bond has been set at $500,000.

According to investigators, a passerby spotted the bodies inside the car and called police. The vehicle registration led detectives to a home on the 5300 block of Bexar Street. While talking with a man at the home, identified by police as Kris Askew, investigators noticed a fresh cut on his hand.

During a sweep of the home, police found blood in an upstairs bedroom and on the blinds.

Police said Askew was taken to police headquarters to be interviewed and that, after waiving his right to remain silent, confessed to putting the bodies of Randall Lynn and Judy Askew in her vehicle and then moving it a public street. After which, Askew said he walked home.

Askew told police on Wednesday, Feb. 20, he was mad at Lynn and swung the machete at him, wounding him. He said he also swung the machete at Judy Askew, hitting her in the head and killing her.

Lynn, Askew said, died about three days after the attack. It was then, on Saturday night, that Askew put the bodies of both people into the car and moved it to a public street.

Other than being mad, an arrest warrant affidavit offered no other clues as to Askew's motive for the attacks.

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