Man Beaten So Badly Paramedics Thought He'd Been Shot

Dallas police say robbers violently attacked a man in the alley behind his Oak Lawn home early Saturday.

The man, who did not want to be identified, said he and friend were robbed by two men wearing hoodies in the alley to their house near Knight Street and Cedar Springs Road.

"At first, they thought I had been shot so they were looking for a bullet because the amount of blood was really bad," the victim said.

Doctors spend four and half hours stitching up the gashes in his forehead. His lips and cheeks were also badly bruised.

"It became absurd," he said. "You couldn't do what he was asking you to do because he wasn't allowing it. He kept hitting you anyways."

He said the robbers fired a warning shot into the air when he and his friend resisted their demands.

"It's a great concern, whether you shoot it in the air or shoot it at someone," Deputy Chief Malik Aziz said. "If you use it, that's a problem."

Police said there have been several other recent robberies in the Oak Lawn area, but investigators do not believe they are connected. But police are increase patrols in the area.

"We're looking for these guys right now," Aziz said. "We will catch them. We usually do."

Police say the other robberies in the area involved patrons leaving bars on nearby Cedar Springs Road.

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