Man Arrested in Arlington Road Rage Incident

Arlington police say they've arrested a man involved in a road rage incident that occurred off State Highway 360 on Nov. 25.

According to police, 20-year-old Terris Strickland is the man seen in the video holding what investigators say is a 9mm pistol. 

“Some people say that’s why you don’t honk at people or that’s why you don’t try to sneak into traffic, at the end of the day no one deserves to have a firearm pointed at them,” Lt. Chris Cook with Arlington Police said.

Police were able to track Strickland down and arrest him for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. 

Arlington Police say violent cases of road rage are on the rise across North Texas and drivers should be aware and report anyone driving aggresively. 

“You see more and more of these types of cases and if you are listening to our radio you will hear a few 911 road rage calls come in almost weekly,” Cook said.

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