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Man Arrested for Fort Worth Sexual Assault

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Near the corner of Foch Street and Seventh Street in Fort Worth, it's not uncommon to see people out for an evening walk or bike ride.

Bradley Perez, Fort Worth Police spokesperson, said it's a popular area that draws a crowd some nights.

“There's a lot of businesses, but keep in mind a lot of businesses let out at the same time and there's a mass exodus,” Perez said.

It is why police are warning people to remain vigilant. Fort Worth Police confirmed to NBC 5 that a woman was sexually assaulted while walking to her car in the area last Monday, near the 900 block of Foch Street. Officials said the victim was threatened with a firearm during the attack.

Word of the assault spread fast among regulars who live and work in the community.

“Stick tight with a group of people. A lot of my friends who bartend here I'll make sure to walk them to their car, just because there's just a lot of riffraff and idiots out,” said Pierson V., a man who frequents the establishments there.

Three days later, police caught the man they believe is responsible. 24-year-old Caylon Washington confessed to officials before being booked for aggravated sexual assault.

Perez said several elements came together to track down Washington, including the use of technology.

“Not only did the sex crime detectives make the location just shortly after it occurred, we already had officers that were already into our real-time crime center scouring hours and hours of footage piecing together what they could,” said Perez.

Today, people tell us they feel safe, but there's a heightened sense of awareness.

“Had it not been for her being as brave as she was to come forward right away and to let us know everything that occurred, who knows if this person could've gotten away with this,” said Perez.

Police said they entered Washington’s data into the FBI Violent Crime Apprehension Program database to determine whether he’s responsible for any other assaults. So far, no indication that Washington has previously committed similar crimes.

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