Man Allegedly Beats Woman With Fire Extinguisher in Dallas

A Laredo man allegedly beat a women with a fire extinguisher while trying to steal her car

A man was arrested in Dallas over the weekend after he police say he attacked a woman with a fire extinguisher while attempting to steal her car.

On Sept. 21, Dallas Fire Rescue responded to a vehicle crash in a parking garage at 2013 Jackson Street. When crews arrived, they discovered David Cadena, a 25-year-old Laredo man, in the driver's seat of a vehicle. Cadena became combative, and emergency crews called the Dallas Police Department for assistance.

When police arrived, they found Dallas Fire Rescue officials treating a 27-year-old woman with face and head injuries. Police say the severity of her injuries prevented detectives from speaking to her. Cadena was inside a vehicle belonging to the victim. 

Officers believe that Cadena hit the woman with a fire extinguisher.

Cadena was transported to Lew Sterrett Justice Center. 

The condition of the victim is unknown. 

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