Fort Worth

Man, 64, Attacked by Four Minors in Attempted Robbery: Fort Worth Police

Suspects identified after police share photos from surveillance video on Twitter

NBC 5 News

A 64-year-old man pumping gas in Fort Worth last Friday was attacked by two boys and two girls, all minors, in what police are describing as an attempted robbery.

Fort Worth Police said Jerry Wayne Sartin was at a QT gas station on the 100 block of Northside Drive at about 4:45 a.m. on July 9 when a person approached him and sprayed him with a painful unknown chemical.

Three other people then opened the doors to Sartin's car before running away when he retaliated and sprayed one of them with gasoline, police said.

The four returned, however, and sprayed Sartin again. He then ran toward the store for help and the four attackers left.

Fort Worth Police said the four were recorded on surveillance video and initially shared those photos on Twitter while asking for the public's help in identifying them.

Police later deleted that tweet and sent another saying the four had all been identified and that their photos were removed because they were minors.

It is not clear yet what charges, if any, the four may face as juveniles.

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