Craigslist Ad Makes Statement, But Not About Fashion

Man hopes ad sends message about the state of DISD schools

A Craigslist ad touts goods illegally purchased with Dallas Independent School District credit cards back in 2006.

Dallas native Wayne Hennry said he bought four women's blazers and a pair of earrings earlier this year when the school district auctioned off the spoils of its credit card scandal. Now he is reselling them on Craigslist for a charity he said his son is involved with.
Hennry said the ad is more about making a political statement, than a fashion statement.

”These items right here are showing you how your tax money is being spent and nobody, nobody at the school district is watching it,” Hennry said.
All four of his items are listed for $100.  Henry said he believes it would be priceless to see someone wear one of the blazers to a school board meeting.

So far, he has sold one of the blazers.

”I said, 'Which one would you like?' and she said, 'I don't care I am going to have some fun with this, you just wait.'”
Hennry may not have to wait long. Trustees are scheduled to vote on next year’s budget at the end of this month.

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