Making A Love Connection That’s Fit to Print

Finding love isn't easy for many of us, even for those who seem like they have it all together.

Dave Lieber, the Watchdog reporter at The Dallas Morning News, is one of the best journalists to call for help when you feel scammed or wronged.

The superhero reporter who helps save the day really sits in a quiet corner of a storied Dallas newsroom, where he shares Texans' stories.

But he's been sitting on a heck of a story of his own: how he met his wife at a Dallas fashion show.

"She turned around, and she flashed this megawatt smile and it was blinding. I couldn't even talk, and she said, 'Here's my number if you ever feel like talking,' and I went 'Uhh,'" Lieber recalled.

He had gone through a divorce, and the New Yorker starting anew in the heart of Texas says that assignment to cover a fashion show changed his life.

He loved Karen and her two kids, but there was a problem.

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"Why didn't you like the dog?" we asked.

"I liked the dog, the dog didn't like me. And I tried to win her over, and every time she would just go sigh," Lieber said.

But he didn't give up trying.

"I proposed to my wife in the newspaper," Lieber said. "I wrote, 'Here in Texas I found the woman of my dreams. Unfortunately she lives with the dog of my nightmares.'"

The story won over the readers of North Texas, who were all wondering by midday if Karen had said yes and how Dave was going to deal with the dog.

Lieber said he personally delivered the paper to Karen's doorstep that morning.

"I said, 'I'm here to read you my column from the paper today,' and she said, 'Are you kidding me? At 6:30 a.m.? I'm going to bed.'"

He read it anyway.

"She started crying and I saw her mouth go like this (yes) and it wasn't 'no,'" Lieber said.

Celebrating Love 2017

Years later, the kids are all grown and out of the house, and Sadie the dog has since passed away, but Lieber thinks she accepted him eventually.

"What I learned from this is the power of the story. If you have a wonderful story to tell, people will listen, will remember and will care about you," he said.

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