Makeover Complete for Stephenville's Moo-la Mascot

The fiberglass cow statue has stood in downtown Stephenville for 50 years

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The courthouse square in downtown Stephenville will welcome back a familiar fixture on Thursday afternoon.

Moo-la, the unofficial town mascot, has stood in tribute to Erath County's dairy heritage for 50 years. She was dedicated by the late Joyce Whitis, said Julie Smith with the Stephenville Tourism and Visitors Bureau.

Moo-la has aged a bit through the years as she stood "udderly" unprotected during cold winters and hot summers.

So back in January, Moo-la was removed from her pedestal to undergo a makeover; "a bovine beautification," Smith said.

Clynt Hunter and his team at Hunter Body Works agreed to take on the project. It was a first for the business, Hunter said.

They're used to working on cars, not fiberglass Holstein cow statues, but they treated Moo-la with the best of care.

Now, after three months of sanding and polishing, Moo-la is ready for her debut. She'll be returned to her place of honor Thursday afternoon at 2 p.m. Moo-la will have a police and fire escort down Washington Street as she makes her way from Hunter Body Works to the Erath County Courthouse square, Smith said.

And plenty of big events will allow the public to see her refreshed look.

Moo-la, the unofficial mascot of Erath County, is ready for her debut following a three-month "bovine beautification." Photo Credit: Stephenville Tourism and Visitors Bureau

Her annual Moo-La Fest hot air balloon event is June 3 - 4. Moo-la’s 50th birthday will be on Friday, Sept. 23, and a grand party is planned with live music, a street dance and a few other surprises.

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