‘Make This Right!' DeSoto Residents Call for Councilwoman to Resign, Transparency From Officials

A DeSoto City Council meeting Tuesday night erupted in shouts for government transparency and calls for councilwoman Candice Quarles to resign in the wake of disclosures that she benefited from her husband's theft of tax funds.

Residents packed city hall, some carrying small red placards that read, "RESIGN,'' while others grabbed the lectern to scold council members for keeping her gains a secret for more than two years.

"I'm wearing black today because I'm in mourning for the city of DeSoto,'' resident Muriel Flowers told city officials. "This issue of councilwoman Quarles has turned neighbor against neighbor ... it's up to you to make this right.''

You can read the full story from our media partners at The Dallas Morning by clicking here.

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