Major Traffic Changes This Weekend For Dallas Horseshoe Project

Major traffic changes are in store this weekend for drivers passing through the Dallas mixmaster, where Interstate 35E and Interstate 30 cross paths.

Beginning Friday night at 11 p.m., crews with the Dallas Horseshoe Project will begin work to shift the southbound I-35E lanes from the center two lanes to the far left two lanes.

Here's what you need to know: Traffic heading eastbound on I-30 will move from the far left two lanes to the center two lanes. The lanes will essentially flip-flop positions.

The Riverfront Boulevard exit will not move, but the signage will change. It currently reads 35E, but will change to 30 as the lanes shift. The Jefferson Boulevard exit will be closed during the work and will stay closed until the fall.

The work comes as part of the $798 million renovation of the interchange, known as the Dallas Horseshoe. Work is scheduled for completion in summer 2017. Before work can be finished though, lanes have to be switched so crews can build additional lanes.

"Pay attention, slow down and look for the new signage out there," said Dianne Tordillo, public information specialist for the project. "There will be several digital message boards as well as new road signage for the new exit."

Exit changes won't just impact southbound I-35E traffic, but drivers heading east on I-30 on Saturday night will need to take extra care.

"For folks coming eastbound I-30 from Arlington and Fort Worth, if they're wanting to head to downtown Dallas, they're also going to be shifted to the right," Tordillo said.

Beginning 11 p.m. Saturday, the northbound I-35E exit will shift from the far left lanes to the far right lanes. And the exit for Beckley and on-ramp for Sylvan will also change.

Project managers advise drivers to be aware of the changes and check out their website for detailed videos of the changes.

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