Mail Theft at Dallas Apartment Complex Has Residents on Alert

Two people were caught on camera swiping mail this week

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Residents at a Dallas apartment complex are on alert after people ransacked the building’s mailbox and took off with mail.

Outside the Live Oak Lofts, residents wondered how two people broke in and grabbed armfuls of mail.

JD Vega said he didn't know if any of his mail was taken.

“Our property manager was informed. He investigated and found the security video,” Vega said.

A still image showed envelopes scattered on the ground and two people digging through mailboxes.

“I imagine that’s why they took the opportunity, because there are a lot of packages and stuff coming in the mail," Vega said. "It’s concerning regardless. I don’t think it’s any more concerning because it’s the holidays."

Management said the crime took place just before 3:30 a.m. Tuesday.

In an email to residents, apartment management advised them to “call the post office and report it to the postal inspector.”

“They need to be caught and brought to justice,” said Paul Ecker, the postal inspector investigating the case.

“It is a serious offense. It’s up to five years in prison for a single piece of mail. And some significant crimes can be accrued,” Ecker said.

He said there were steps residents could take.

“We encourage customers to remove their mail frequently, as soon as the mail is delivered," Ecker said. "If you’re going to be out of town, have a trusted neighbor or friend pick up your mail.”

The postal inspector said he’d talked with management and planned to meet with them this week to discuss security. He said this was the first reported incident of mail theft at this apartment complex.

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