Madoff Scandal Halts Funding for Future Dallas DNA Tests

Officials at the Innocence Project of Texas say they plan to complete all scheduled DNA tests but the foundation that funded those tests will be a casualty of the Bernard Madoff scandal.

The JEHT Foundation funds the post-conviction DNA tests for Dallas County inmates who claim they are innocent.

The Dallas Morning News reports the foundation had given $400,000 to the Innocence Project of Texas before Madoff's alleged ponzi scheme lost investors $50 billion.

The head of Innocence Project Texas says the $400,000 is theirs to keep.

Officials had been worried after the scandal broke -- fearing the funding would be lost.

However, the JEFT Foundation will be closing in January.

Just before Madoff's arrest, the JEHT Foundation was in talks with Dallas County to give as much as $15 million to fund programs with the district attorney's office and the probation department.

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