‘Made In The USA' May Not Mean What You Think

Many Americans look for the label "Made in the USA" to support our country's economy. But that "Made in the USA" label isn't always accurate.

The feds have cracked down on a Texas company for selling products made overseas yet claiming they were made here in the United States.

Texas-based Block Division has been selling pulleys and other types of metal equipment since the 1960s, according to the company's website.

Many of the products were stamped with "Made in the USA," and while the company is owned by a family in Wichita Falls, the Federal Trade Commission sued Block Division, claiming its pulleys were largely made in other countries.

The FTC says Block Division was actually stamping the "Made in the USA" label on its products before shipping them overseas.

In a settlement, the company doesn't agree that it did anything wrong but promises that any items labeled "Made in the USA" will contain parts entirely or almost entirely made in the U.S.

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