“Madder Than Hell” Grandma Gets Free Salsa

The "Madder Than Hell" Grandma has been given a reward, of sorts.

The spotlight has been turned on Val Renfro ever since she chased and caught a purse snatcher in east Fort Worth Sunday afternoon.

Renfro was later featured on the Today Show and will soon be a guest on The Bonnie Hunt show. The show will be recorded on Tuesday and broadcast on Wednesday, Renfro said.

But Friday, Renfro headed over to Renfro Foods in Fort Worth to accept a free year's supply of Mrs. Renfro's Salsa.

The food family has no connection to the crimefighting Grandma, but simply wanted to honor her.

"I'm not a celebrity," Renfro said Friday evening. "But by golly, I'm being treated like one. I don't know how to act."

She joked that her 15 minutes of fame are in overtime.

"What I did the day I got my purse back, that didn't phase me," she said. "But this is having an effect on me. It's like, I can't believe it!"

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