Luxury Brand Stores Opening Soon in Plano's Legacy West

About a half-dozen luxury stores begin opening Friday in Legacy West, an area prevailing in the pandemic

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Shopping malls have taken an especially hard hit during the pandemic. On the flip side, outdoor shopping centers are flourishing.

Legacy West in Plano isn’t just surviving, it's thriving.

“We’re bringing luxury to Plano,” said marketing manager Rachel Chang.

Starting Friday, a series of high-end stores begin opening in Legacy West, an outdoor dining, residential, business and retail district that’s prevailing in the pandemic.

“We have a beautiful outdoor space so obviously, during the pandemic, people feel a little more comfortable being outside,” Chang said.

Legacy West hasn't had a single store close because of the pandemic, she said, adding crowds are back to what they were in 2019.

“We track it via cell phone data so on an average Saturday you're looking at an average of 25-30,000 people on property,” Chang said.

It isn't just foot traffic picking up. Spending is also starting to flow, two reasons Chang believes brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Tiffany and Co. are expanding in spite of struggles being seen in the retail industry.

“The vacations and the parties and things like that, you know, people have really cut back in the last year and so they do have a little bit of extra capital that they can put into things like apparel,” Chang said.

Some may remember the area before Legacy West was built.

In 2015, the property was just a field with an old water tower that had to be toppled to make way for construction.

Now the district is beginning a new phase.

“This is a great opportunity for people in North Texas to be able to have a luxury spot for shopping without have to drive down to NorthPark or Highland Park Village,” Chang said.

Gucci was the first luxury brand to launch its Plano location. Doors opened Friday.

Tory Burch is scheduled to open the first week of May.

Chanel Beauty, Nike and Free People plan to open in late May.

Louis Vuitton and Tiffany & Co. have June openings planned.

Darna Euro Market is also opening soon.

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