Lucille Baller, Rapping Dallas Police Lt. Regina Smith, Suspended

A Dallas police lieutenant has been suspended for posting a video of herself online performing a rap song that contains profanities and threats of violence.

Police officials said Lt. Regina Smith, performing as Lucille Baller, "brought discredit to the department."

Smith was placed on administrative leave in November but her disciplinary hearing wasn't held until Friday. Assistant Police Chief Cynthia Villarreal issued a five-day suspension.

Officials said that as owner of the Big Rush In music production company, Smith appeared in uniform on the company website. In one video she displays her service weapon while holding a bullet and "making inappropriate statements."

The picture of the red-headed aspiring rapper is much different than the grieving widow seen in 2009 after her husband Sr. Cpl. Norm "Big Russian" Smith, who was also a Dallas police officer, was killed in the line of duty.

Smith,  who started the music production company after her husband's death and named it in his honor, is assigned to the property crimes division.

Her attorney, Chris Livingston, told The Dallas Morning News that she's served the department with distinction for 25 years.   

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