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Lubbock Man Held on $100,000 Bond After Beating Pregnant Girlfriend: Police

A Lubbock man is facing a grand jury after being accused of using drugs and beating his pregnant girlfriend, Lubbock police say.

Jacob Pauda, 30, is facing several charges, including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and deadly conduct after police said he repeatedly punched his girlfriend in the face and head after questioning the paternity of her unborn baby, police said.

The victim told police Pauda picked her up from her mother's and took her to his home where they entertained an unnamed guest. She said Pauda began pacing back and forth and acting strangely, prompting the girl to ask Pauda if he had taken drugs. He admitted to having a couple of "bumps" of cocaine.

After the guest left Pauda's home, he accused his girlfriend of cheating on him while he was in jail last year and questioned the paternity of the child. The woman denied the accusation according to a statement in a police report.

The woman told police Pauda then ran toward her with a closed fist and hit her in the face an unknown number of times. She said when she began to fight back Pauda warned her, "Don’t try and scratch me or it will be worse for you."

Pauda then went into the kitchen and grabbed a large knife and began chasing the woman around a bed, police said. He eventually dropped the knife and lunged at her, grabbed her by the hair and then tossed her to the ground where he kicked her and told her to get out of his house.

The woman said she tried to call her mother several times, but was unable to reach her. She then called Pauda's mother, and was talking to her when her own mother called her back and agreed to come pick her up. Afterward, she again contacted Pauda's mother, the police report states. Pauda then grabbed the woman and forced her head between a bed's side rail and a couch frame, pinching her face between two metal objects. The woman said Pauda then slammed her head into the metal objects five times before he opened the door and told her to leave.

The victim said she was afraid to leave and worried about being attacked again. Pauda then grabbed his two sons from their rooms and left the residence.

Police arrived and observed several fresh bruises and cuts on the woman's face, including a large bruise on the left side of her head above the hair line. She had a swollen lip and cheek and bruised right eye. Police also observed three small bruises on her arm, consistent with an individuals fingers holding someone, police said.

The woman was treated for her injuries; there were no reports of injury to her unborn child.

Pauda was arrested two days later and booked into the Lubbock County Detention Center where he is being held on $100,000 bond. Jail records did not list an attorney for Pauda.

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