Fort Worth

Love Them or Hate Them, More Roundabouts Coming to North Fort Worth

Whether you love them or not, drivers in Fort Worth could be seeing more roundabouts in the future.

Doug Wiersig, director of the city of Fort Worth’s Transportation & Public Works Department, said that in May’s bond election there’s about $300 million worth of transportation improvements, including 21 potential roundabouts.

He said most of them would be built in north Fort Worth.

Wiersig said there’s currently 28 roundabouts in the city, and 10 under construction.

Within the past few years drivers in North Texas have come across more modern roundabouts being built around town.

He said roundabouts have many benefits for drivers including saving time and increasing capacity. He said they also are safer for drivers.

“If you do have an accident it’s a side swipe accident which has much less vehicle and personal injury damage,” Wiersig said.

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Wiersig said they are also less costly for the city, as they don’t have to keep up with the maintenance of traffic signals.

For those who do not know how to drive on a modern roundabout, Wiersig advises reading about it online and watching videos to learn.

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