the Trinity Railway Express

Love on the Tracks Leads to Proposal on the Platform

The morning commute on the Trinity Railway Express brought romance on the rails

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The Trinity Railway Express connects Dallas and Fort Worth with stops at 10 stations.

It was at the TRE platform at Bell station in Hurst where James McNair's heart stopped.

"When I'd get on the westbound train to Fort Worth, I'd peek out the window at her, make sure she didn't catch me. I thought, I just liked her right from the get," McNair said about the woman who caught his eye in 2015.

That's his version. Here's how Beth Leamon tells it.

"Didn't catch my eye; didn't do anything for me and over the next couple of days, he just started getting closer and closer to me. We just started small talk, nothing big; still no big attraction; just another person on the platform," smiled Leamon.

In the small talk, the early morning commuters discovered connection.

"We just grew more fonder of each other, more conversation, getting to the train earlier, like first train at 5 when we took the 7:40 going different directions," Leamon said.

Eventaully, Leamon realized she wanted to go in his direction and made the first move.

"And I'm just kinda naturally shy and I liked her very much. So I was really relieved when she wanted to connect on facebook and she asked me out. And we just hit it off. We've been together about 6 years now," McNair said.

Every year, the couple goes back to the platform where love struck - and on Sunday afternoon wedding bells will ring at the Bell station. Appropriately, the proposal came on the platforrm.

"So we go to the platform. And it was a year ago. It was last October and so we go out, and he can't keep anything a secret. You can tell when he's up to something. So he came and got down on one knee and we both cried," Leamon said.

"I'm 62 years old. She's in her 50's. And the chances of finding something like that doesn't happen that often. So I took her back there to propose to her," McNair "It's that chance meeting at the train station. It's kinda like something out of the movie. Of all places, the TRE rain station became our focal point."

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