Loose Longhorn Welcomes New Police Chief to Arlington

NBCUniversal, Inc.

Arlington's new police chief got a Texas welcome Friday morning.

Chief Al Jones and a team of Arlington PD officers roped what might be their biggest arrest ever: a Texas Longhorn.

The bull broke through a fence and was grazing on the street before West Patrol officers used their "cowboy and cowgirl skills" to get it back home, Chief Jones tweeted.

Once the Longhorn was back on its owner's land, Jones and his officers stuck around to fix the fence.

"I bet you did not see this in Baltimore," one Twitter user said in response to Jones' tweet. Jones was a Baltimore County Colonel before he was hired as top cop in Arlington to start the new year.

"Would love to see how they train for this at the police academy," another Twitter user said.

As Texas grips with sever winter weather, one user suggested the Longhorn may have just been trying to "moove" somewhere warm.

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