Longtime Fort Worth Firefighter Honored on Memorial Wall

A longtime Fort Worth firefighter is now forever etched on the Fort Worth Police and Firefighters Memorial. Engineer Rickey Turner died last year from a work-related illness.

On Tuesday, the father was remembered as selfless and dedicated to his community.

"He would look at me and say, 'Son, what I do today determines what you'll be able to do tomorrow,'" said his son, Rickey Turner Jr.

Over time, Turner's son says he realized those words of wisdom applied to everyone with whom his father came into contact.

The longtime firefighter suffered work-related respiratory injuries and died over the summer. Tuesday's ceremony honored his selfless actions while serving the Fort Worth community.

"It's definitely a testament to his work on and off the job," said Rickey Turner Jr.

His name brought tears to his wife's eyes. It was an emotional sign of sacrifice but one that made his daughter Christina Hanson proud.

"I just got chills to see the whole process and to know that it will be there forever," she said.

Hanson will always cherish her memories with her dad.

"We spent time walking, chit-chatting, feeding ducks, but we never once visited this wall," she said.

Rickey Turner found out he was going to be a grandfather shortly before he died, and now his granddaughter will grow up knowing her grandfather's legacy.

"We will be able to visit this park and walk and feed the ducks, but we'll visit this wall where her grandfather will forever be honored," Hanson said.

Turner was 57 years old when he died in July 2016. His name is now one of dozens on the memorial wall honoring the heroes of public service in Fort Worth.

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