Lodge Cranks Up Bikini Car Wash

Proceeds benefit Best Friends Animal Society

by Bruce Felps

Dirty cars and dirty minds collide Saturday for a most worthy cause.

The cars will roll away clean. The minds, well, they’re the provenance of the mindless.

The Lodge gentleman’s club — and this might be the one to which “gentleman” really applies because the owner is a true lady — turns the hoses on its sixth annual Dog Days of Summer event that features the centerpiece bikini car wash.

Dubbed “Headlights and Hounds” — noon-6 p.m., July 16, at the club, the car wash benefits, to the tune of 100 percent of the $20-a-pop car or motorcycle cleansing, Best Friends Animal Society in Utah.

If you’re unfamiliar, Best Friends takes in the most difficult cases local shelters typically can’t handle. They sheltered, fed, cared for, rehabilitated in necessary cases, and found as many new homes as possible for pets — all types, not just dogs and cats — left in dire situations because of Hurricane Katrina, among other natural disasters, and Michael Vick, among other reprehensible humans — and hey Vick, if you sue somebody for libel make it me because that sentiment was mine and mine alone.

Well, alone in terms of this commentary not in general. There are plenty of people who find your Bad Newz Kennels reprehensible, and that's putting it mildly.

Anyway, the car wash features — and this is the highlight boys and girls — very attractive women dressed in bikini’s washing cars. Organizers — hi, Dawn — also arranged for a dancer dunking booth, a gourmet buffet, and a rousting game of Toss the Ta-Tas, a kind of bean bag toss that involves silicone implants rather than your traditional bean bag. No word on whether they’re new or used.

I’ll be the guy with the aging green Miata waiting in line.

Bruce Felps owns and operates East Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He received an invitation to attend the previous night’s dinner-and-cocktail party. Think he’s going?

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