Locals Ready for White Christmas

Families say they're not really preparing for snow -- other than for their children to play in it

The possibility of a white Christmas has North Texans excited, even with the promise of chilly conditions.

Wind chills could push temperatures into the teens, but most folks say they aren't all that worried about it.

Families playing in Fort Worth's Trinity Park on Christmas Eve said they hoped to have snow on Christmas.

Rob Rooney said his family hasn't told the kids about the snow just yet.

"We tried to hold off from telling them, just so they don't get too excited about it because we don't control it," he said. "If it happens tomorrow, it will be big news for us."

"Hopefully, hopefully, they can play in the snow and enjoy the white Christmas," Sean Rooney said.

Like the Rooneys, the Gardner family has relatives from more snow-prone areas in town for the holiday.

"We're hoping for a white Christmas," Jim Gardner said.

He and his family hope the forecast will hold true and have a simple plan of preparation.

"We just need to wrap some gifts, stay home and be warm," Gardner said.

Most families NBC 5 spoke with at the park said they weren't doing anything to prepare for the weather. They said they plan to enjoy time with family at home and play in the snow if and when it arrives.

Local hardware stores said they've had customers grabbing last-minute cold weather supplies, but have not many mad rushes to the stores. One store owner told NBC 5 he didn't expect that until there's snow or ice.

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