Local Trump Supporters Weigh-In on Clinton Email Investigation

Halloween is a time for ghosts and goblins, when panic and fear take hold.

For some, it's a lot like this election cycle.

"When people start hiding things, gosh it scares the hell out of me," said Trump supporter Bob Ellison.

Like many conservatives, Ellison sees Clinton's email scandal as a tangled web of lies.

"Everything that Hillary is for, I'm against," he added.

Monday in Michigan, Trump called the renewed probe into Clinton's emails, "The biggest scandal since Watergate."

"As you know the FBI has reopened its investigation into Hillary Clinton and discovered, you heard this yesterday, and it's hard to believe, another 650,000 emails," Trump said.

"They've been doing the same kind of thing since he [Bill Clinton] was governor," said Trump supporter Leah Frizzell. "Why should it surprise you?"

Frizell says another Clinton White House would be downright frightening.  

"There's so many scandals that have gone on with them. Anyone who doesn't see that is not looking at all the facts," she said.

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