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Local Trainer Helps Clients Beyond New Year's Resolutions

It’s that time of year, and there’s just something about January 1st that makes us want to change for the better.

People are getting ready to make those New Year’s resolutions, and rather that’s centered around your health, money or just being a better person, we always hope we’re successful in keeping them.

A North Texas fitness trainer is teaching his clients to live beyond the resolution, by taking a unique approach.

“Regain their confidence, their love for themselves, their passion for life, and then after that, losing weight, building muscle, getting tone and lean, all of that stuff becomes easy,” said Will Clewis, AMP Fitness Training.

Clewis himself grew up struggling with weight, and losing that weight was a challenge in his young life.

“I actually tried to commit suicide when I was younger because of all the stuff that I dealt with," said Clewis. "Eventually, as I had gotten older, I was able to lose that weight, but it was only a result of me really tapping into who I was and shedding all of the negative stories that I had about myself."

And that’s how he approaches each of his clients. He wants to know their story, first. What is the root cause of their weight gain?

“Most people just focus on diet and nutrition, and exercise, but for us, we know it’s something deeper than that,” said Clewis.  

“The fear of, is this actually going to work for me this time, came to my mind a lot,” said Tracy Wiggins.  

For years, Tracy Wiggins says her weight has literally held her back. Low self-esteem, self-doubt, and low confidence are all feelings she says she knows too well.

“It caused me to be very insecure," explained Wiggins. "I don’t like taking pictures and things of that nature. Not talking to people, just never putting myself on the forefront because I was just always ashamed of my weight and how I looked."

Tracy says what changed her life, was changing her mindset. Self love, first.

“You can’t transform your body without transforming your mind,” said Wiggins.

And Tracy says the result speaks for itself.

“I’ve lost a total of 106 pounds,” said Wiggins. And that was in just eight months.

And Tracy is on track to losing another 15 pounds before reaching her goal weight.

“I don’t mind shopping now, where I did not want to shop before. I don’t mind talking to people and being out in the front now,” said Wiggins.  
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