Stores Urge Buyers To Think, Shop Local

3/50 Project encourages local shopping

Several stores in Dallas' Bishop Arts District are supporting a nationwide grassroots effort that encourages people to shop local as a way to help end the recession.

The 3/50 Project claims that if half of all employed Americans spent $50 a month in independently owned stores, it would generate more than $40 billion a year in revenue.

"One hundred dollars spent at a local store means $68 back to your community," said Denise Manoy, the owner of the Indigo Clothing Boutique. "One hundred spent at a chain store means about $48 back to the community."

Manoy said times have been tough lately, but loyal local shoppers have helped her keep her doors open.

"They understand how important it is for us to be here in our community, and they're looking for something a little bit different and unique," she explained.

The 3/50 Project is an experiment in community, said Keith Emmons, the owner of Shambhala Body Gallery.

"If the 3/50 Project is going to work anywhere, it's going to work here, because people in Oak Cliff are very proud of their community, and they come back in to shop and support the local community."

The movement must be working. In three weeks, Emmons' store is moving to a new, larger building down the street, because he has outgrown his current building. 

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