Local Radio Remembers the King of Pop

Listeners flood phone lines with memories

The K104 phone lines were ringing off the wall during Skip Cheatham and the Playground's morning show.

Callers spent the morning talking about how Michael Jackson's music was an integral part of their lives, and remembering where they were the first time they saw his groundbreaking "Thriller" video.

Host Skip Cheatham said his death is resonating with people of all ages because his career spanned four decades. 

"Children from 2 years old, they know who Michael Jackson is, all the way up to 90 years old, they know who he is. They’ve lived and felt his music, so his passing is pretty devastating," said Cheatham. 

His death prompted a resurgence in record sales. On Friday, 20 of iTunes top 100 downloads were Michael Jackson songs. 

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