Local Police Department Offers Citizens Active Shooter Response Training

The Colony Police Department is hosting it's 43rd Citizens Police Academy. The 10 week course teaches people about what the department does and addresses personal safety issues as well.

But one part of this course now has it's own class and that's how people should respond in an active shooter situation.

"Unfortunately it comes out of tragedy in our country with a large amount of mass shootings," The Colony Police Department Sergeant Aaron Woodard said.

Woodard said in their course called Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events, or CRASE for short, teaches life saving skills.

In it they teach the ADD process, Avoid, Deny, Defend. Avoid the shooter.

"Know how you can get in and out of that building," Woodard said. "Not just the front entrance. There are two exits right here you would want to note those as you come."

If you can't run deny the shooter access to where you are hiding.

"Here we have a room and it's a small office," Woodard said. "One of the first things you would want to do is shut this door and deny this person access to you."

If all else fails Woodard says defend yourself with whatever you can find.

Most importantly Woodard said you need to be prepared to react because freezing up could be deadly.

"We use that phrase deer in a headlight but that really does happen where people get stuck in that moment and the freeze and they just don't know what to do," Woodard said.

Knowing what to do is exactly why Victoria Vasquez has taken that course.

"The ladies I live with they say, 'oh I wouldn't know what to do in a situation like that I would freeze,' No you want to look for your surroundings, look for your exits," Vasquez said.

The Colony Police Department will hold another active shooter training course later this year.

For more information on The Colony Police Department Classes click here.

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