Local Organizations See Increased Demand for Help With High Electric Bills

As the temperatures go up and electric bills are going up and local organizations that offer assistance say they are seeing a big increase in those needing help keeping the air conditioners on.

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The intense summer heat, came earlier than usual this year. Many North Texas residents are also seeing higher electricity bills. 

“There are multiple factors that are adding to every consumer's bill. The way the grid is operated, the way the grid is reimbursing different energy costs.  All energy costs are higher: coal, natural gas, renewables, nuclear.  All those costs have increased,” said Todd Staples, President of the Texas Oil ad Gas Association.

Staples said supply chain issues also affect this. Agencies that provide help, are seeing the need. At Metrocrest services, which serves Northwest Dallas County, they are seeing an influx.

"We are seeing this year a record increase in utility need. Last year we thought was our biggest year ever, and this year it's 80 percent over already year to date," said Tracy Eubanks, CEO of Metrocrest services.

Metrocrest Services provides people with emergency financial assistance, financial coaching, education and more.

Tim Morstad, Associate State Director of AARP, also encouraged people to take advantage of what is available and said utility bills are up by an average of 70% from a year ago.

“If people can't pay their utility bill right now they need to contact 211 to see what assistance is available in their area because there are additional funds that have flown in from the federal government and as I understand it there are still funds available for those that need it,” said Morstad.

To find out more about Metrocrest Services, visit its website here.  You can also find out what is available to you, by going to findhelp.org.  Help is also available at 211.

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