Local Organization, Volunteers Still Providing for Those Devastated by Winter Storm

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From day one of last week’s storm, North Texans have looked out for each other. Some organizations are still at it, providing for those still in desperate need of community care.

Myeshia Wesley is one of those people. She’s been at a LaQuinta Inn in Dallas since last Friday. She keeps a glade scented plug-in so her room feels a little bit like 'home.' It’s something, albeit small, that helps her cope in an otherwise unbearable situation.

“I pray for everyone who has experienced this. This is my first time ever going through something like this,” she said. “It is so overwhelming.”

Her family was one of tens of thousands without power during last week’s storm. They’d started the fireplace, and soon the house was in flames.

“For almost four days we were freezing,” said Wesley. “All we hear is a boom, so we ran out.”

The room she’s in is completely paid for by the Dallas-based organization Not My Son. Founder Tramonica Brown said there are still far too many people whose lives have not returned to normal.

“This is what the money is for. This is when nonprofit is really supposed to show that you’re a nonprofit,” she said.

Not My Son volunteers set up headquarters at the LaQuinta Inn to streamline the intake process of dozens of people who still need lodging and other necessities.

“This is not a vacation,” said Brown. “Six people to a room is not a vacation. It’s very real here.”

Not My Son has placed hundreds of families in hotel rooms throughout the metroplex. Each day, they rely on the organization’s funds, donations and even their own money to cover the cost.

“We don’t send people home because the water got turned on and it’s gray,” said Brown. “That’s not livable. I don’t know anybody who would drink gray water.”

It’s a conference room full of diapers, clothing, water and other items that gives her hope and reassurance that people care. Every item in that room was given from the heart of someone moved to help.

“The people. The community. The people who believe in us and said, ‘oh my god what can I do?’” said Brown. “The community is doing their part. And we thank God that they are donating to us.”

The donations continue to provide for Wesley and others as they try to figure out what’s next. 

“Since I’ve been here, I am constantly looking, and on the website looking for a new home,” said Wesley. “I’m just trying to keep my head above the water. Pray every day and just hope for the best outcome.”

More information on how to contribute or donate can be found on Twitter at @NotMySonDFW or on the Facebook page Not My Son.

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