Local Nonprofit CEO Leads Efforts to Help Thousands of Kids and Families

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Trina Terrell-Andrews is the CEO of the Mark Cuban Heroes Basketball Center in Oak Cliff.

Terrell has been at the center for the last 11 years. In her time there, she has overseen programs that have helped more than 11,000 kids. On any given day, the center could help around 150 young people in the surrounding neighborhoods.

"We do a lot. Everything from their Suit Up Experience, which was created six years ago as a result of some of their male teens saying they didn’t have the support they needed when it came to job interviews and even prom," Terrell-Andrews said. “This program alone has helped 4,500 young men, many of them at-risk."

Trina Terrell-Andrews
Courtesy: Trina Terrell-Andrews

The pandemic dropped another issue on so many families in the area: lack of food.

“We started the Center Table program in May of 2020 to answer the call during the pandemic to help feed families in need. We have served thousands of families through that program alone. It's been a real community and team effort," Terrell-Andrews said.

Trina Terrell-Andrews
Courtesy: Trina Terrell-Andrews

The facility is a one-stop multipurpose center for young people in the neighborhood and their families, providing leadership and sports programs.

The nonprofit falls under The Heroes Foundation umbrella but is not operated by the Mavericks.

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