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Local Musicians Hold Benefit Concert For Producer Electrocuted in Accident

Paul Cauthen and other Texan musicians will rally together to support influential producer Jeff Saenz for "Jeff Fest" Sunday

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Several bands are teamed up to play a fundraiser Sunday in Dallas to benefit a fellow musician who was electrocuted in early June.

Jeff Saenz, the owner of Modern Electric Sound Recorders in Old East Dallas, came into contact with a downed power line on June 1 and experienced electrical burns, which forced doctors to amputate his left hand. He has had six surgeries in the six weeks since the accident and is expected to be in the hospital for months, according to a post promoting the event.

Twenty-five percent of his body has third and fourth-degree burns, for which he is undergoing skin grafts, the post said.

"While it is true that he created the physical space that has helped birth so many amazing albums and songs for the better half of a decade, the space he has created far exceeds the physical location of the studio," the post said. "The space is a direct reflection of Jeff's kind, encouraging, and incredibly generous soul; It has held and blessed countless artists and friends in so many ways."

The event is called Jeff Fest and benefits the Jeff Saenz Recovery Project. Doors open at 3 p.m. Sunday at Double Wide in Deep Ellum.

The lineup includes Paul Cauthen, Jonathan Tyler, David Ramirez, Matthew Logan Vasquez, Sir Woman, Thomas Csorba, Sam Anderson, Electrophunck, About You, & Left Arm Tan.

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