Local Lake Lends Life Jackets

Life jackets are available at five stations throughout Joe Pool Lake

As families’ barbeque and others take dips in the water at Joe Pool Lake, park officials are telling them to ‘wear a jacket, save a life’.

It is part of a brand new program that's urging everyone to wear a lifejacket. They’re even lending them out for free.
"If they have the life jacket on, these life jackets will keep them face up until somebody can come and pull them back into shallower water," said Bob Mcglothlin, the Grand Prairie Lake parks supervisor.
Last month, two people drowned at the lake within a matter of hours. Neither man wore a life jacket. 
For parents like Alexis Martinez knowing that there are five stations throughout the lake that offer the safety devices brings comfort.
"As a parent you get scared, because some kids don't know how to swim, they don't tell their kids and my kids they know right away when they come to the lake to put a lifejacket on," Martinez said. 
When it's fully stocked, there are more than 40 lifejackets for children and adults.
"We're still not going to let them out of sights but still it's a good thing to have out here," said Roy Palomino as he watched his children play at the park.
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