Local Hispanic Leaders Plan Anti-Trump Rally for Monday

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will be in Dallas on Monday for an appearance at the American Airlines Center.

On Sunday morning the billionaire real estate mogul Tweeted his enthusiasm.
"Wow, massive crowd at American Airlines Arena (sic) in Dallas tomorrow. Will be a fantastic evening!"


Last week Trump tweeted that Dallas would be the spot where he would make a "big speech", but he hasn't said what he'll talk about.

However, his comments about Mexico, Mexican immigrants and illegal immigration certainly has local Hispanic leaders talking and upset.

During his June campaign kick-off event in New York, Trump said Mexico was sending it's worst to America, especially criminals.

His comments and subsequent policy announcement about deporting 11 million illegal immigrants has local Dallas leaders leading a rally during Trump's visit called "Dump the Trump."

"If you say nothing when somebody makes these outlandish comments, you're agreeing with them, basically," said Hector Flores, one of the rally's organizers. "If you say nothing, don't stand up and repudiate this whole lexicon of hate."

Trump hasn't backed down from his comments telling NBC News "there's nothing to apologize for" days later.

The goal of the rally is to stand-up to Trump's comments and positions and show him that he doesn't have the Hispanic vote in the primaries or the general election.

"We're hoping it will send a message that Mr. Trump and people like Ted Cruz who follow Mr. Trump's lead there are consequences to that and those consequences will be felt in November 2016," said Domingo Garcia.

There are no more free tickets available for the Trump rally inside the AAC, which can potentially seat as many as 20,000 people. At the anti-Trump rally across the street they expect a large turnout as well.

"We do expect to have (people) in the thousands," Garcia said.

The rally will start with a march at 5 p.m. at the Cathedral de Guadalupe at Ross and Pearl Streets.

The group will then march to the north side of the AAC where the rally will take place at the same time Trump takes the stage at 6 p.m. inside.

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