Local Cybersecurity Expert Warns of Attacks Following Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Cyberattacks in the U.S. could happen as Russia invades Ukraine

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As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues local cyber experts have issued a warning about the possibility of cyberattacks in the U.S.

"Specifically, on the cybersecurity side as Russia aims to do harm to the U.S. and its allies and they are extremely good at cyber attacking," M3 Networks founder and cybersecurity expert Michael Moore said.

Moore said everyone from cities to everyday citizens should be on alert.

"When they think about cybersecurity, they think data,” Moor said. “I don't' have any data anybody would want. The reality is you need to think about money. So, if you've got a dollar and you don't want it to be in someone else's hands then you need to protect it."

As for businesses Moore said you should have a cybersecurity expert review your system. You should also have a cyber liability policy that specifically includes coverage in times of war. He also suggested you work with a cyber attorney specialist.

For the average person, Moore said you should change your simple password into a passphrase that would be harder for a hacker to figure out.

"’The Will to Win’ I could use that as my password,” Moore said referencing a book title. “Instantly I've got a long password that's at least 30 characters. And right off the bat there I could change a couple of the characters, add some special characters and it's easy to remember."

Moore said you must actively work to stay cyber-safe from what could be coming.

"They've already deployed massive malware into Ukraine and they've already made it known they are going to deploy it across the world."

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