Local Contractor Still Taking Deposits, Not Finishing Work

Angus loves saying hello to his next door neighbor Sue, but sometimes his greetings get a little out of hand.

"Her dog started jumping the fence and then getting out from my yard," said Sue Ferrell.

She didn't mind the dog's visits, but his owner, Lynette Garrett, did.

Garrett said her dog had been hopping the fence for weeks.

So, the ladies agreed to split the cost on a new fence, and Garrett had just the guy for the job: Shawn Partain, the owner of Condor Fencing.

She hired him 15 years ago on another fence job.

"I was very happy with him," Garrett said.

They said Partain sent one of his workers out to do measurements, but he wanted to collect payment immediately.

"I said, 'Today, it has to be today?' He said yes because we want to get this order and get the material," Ferrell explained.

The ladies signed a contract and paid $1300 up front.

"But then as time went on, we didn't hear from them in October. We didn't hear from them in November," said Ferrell.

By December, the ladies were furious.

They said Partain promised to come by a number of times to start on the fence, but he never showed.

"We're both single, senior citizens and I just felt like he was taking advantage of the situation that we didn't have like men pressing down on him," said Garrett.

The ladies wanted to know who they were really dealing with.

A simple google search, led them to our previous reports on Shawn Partain.  

Three consumers called me last year to get their money back, and each time I stepped in, Partain sent refunds.

I called Partain and he told me that my reports were to blame.

He said ever since we aired stories about him, his business went south because consumers backed out of their contracts.

Partain said he's trying to get everything corrected, but it won't happen overnight.

Partain said between the holidays and the weather, he got backed up.

He said all you can do is trust him, bear with him and know that he's going to get everything corrected.

The next day, Ferrell and Garrett got a special delivery from Partain: $1300 cash.

"I'm so relieved. This entire thing has been so stressful and calling Samantha Chatman and NBC 5 was a wonderful thing to do," said Ferrell.

She and her neighbor are happy to have their money back but we've still got eight people who said Partain has yet to pay them back.

Grapevine Police were investigating Partain, but since the women were finally paid back, they said the case is closed.

But police say if you believe that you're a victim, call them at (817) 410-8127

If that doesn't work, call Samantha Chatman NBC 5 Responds.

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