Local Chefs Contribute Recipes for Ronald McDonald House Cookbook Fundraiser

Instead of its annual gala fundraiser, the Ronald McDonald House opted for a COVID-safe fundraiser this year; a cookbook called 'Come to the Table'

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The Ronald McDonald House of Dallas is a home away from home for sick and injured children and their families who come to North Texas for medical care. The pandemic has made providing services more expensive and raising money a little more challenging.

This year instead of its annual gala, the Ronald McDonald House of Dallas is selling cookbooks. 'Come to the Table' features 40 recipes from 40 local chefs.

"I think feeding people is part of showing love, nurturing people," Ronald McDonald House of Dallas CEO Jill Cumnock said. "It just made complete sense to do a cookbook because it's a big part of what we do here at the Ronald McDonald House."

"Any way you can give back, especially through food, for me is just a 'yes, what do you need'," Jennie Kelley said. Kelley is the Owner & Creator of Frank Underground and Better Half Pop Up.

Kelley and her fiance, Brandon Moore, both contributed to the cookbook. Moore is Executive Chef at Ocean Prime in Dallas. Kelley's recipe is for lobster mac 'n cheese, Moore's recipe is 'Grandmother Pie', a Detroit-style pizza.

"The pizza recipe is something that everybody can help with," Moore said. "Everybody can get their hands in there and have a little fun with it."

Like the traditional fundraising gala, the cookbook is meant to gather people together around food...in a different way.

"If you cook with love, people taste it," Kelley said. "And I think anything that's coming from a loving place, people are going to gravitate towards that."

"You know, it's hard to argue with someone when your mouth is full of food," Moore said. "So it's hard to be divided then, right?"

Food for thought.

To order a copy of 'Come to the Table' click here.

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