Local Boy's Wish Comes True at Six Flags

A 9-year-old Denton boy’s wish came true Tuesday when he and his family visited Six Flags Over Texas.

Ben Pierce is going blind. The park wanted to give him a day he’d remember long after he loses his sight.

Between hopping on the rides and busting a move with Bugs Bunny, the 9-year-old has made the most his day at Six Flags – because he may not get the chance to see too many more of them.

He has a condition that is causing him to rapidly lose his eyesight. He and his family are on a mission to see everything they can on his wish list before he goes blind.

Several Six Flags employees had read about Ben on the Internet and thought the park should try to do something for him. When they reached out to his family, they learned Six Flags was one of the places he wanted to visit.

“It’s awesome,” Ben said.

Six Flags invited Ben and his family to spend the day with them for free, then surprised them with their own VIP guide and season passes.

“This is Six Flags,” said Sharon Parker, spokesperson for Six Flags Over Texas. “Finding a way to capture special moments for families so they can take it back with them and talk about it for years to come."

A grateful Pierce family said that’s exactly what this trip, and all the others they’ve been fortunate enough to take, will do for them.

“It’s been overwhelming,” said Heidi Thaden-Pierce, Ben’s mother. “When he made his wish list, we thought maybe we’ll be able to pull off one or two wishes. But thanks to the incredible generosity from people literally around the world, Ben is getting a lot of his wishes.”

Ben’s family keeps a blog, with updates on their adventures and his complete wish list. You can visit that site here.

A Give Forward page has also been set up for Ben’s family, where people can make donations so they can try to complete as many of his wishes as possible.

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