Local Artist Creates Portrait for Military Couple After NBC 5 Report

On the first floor of her Frisco, home Barbra Mason of Dragonfly Studio Creations spends much of her time creating.

A master water colorist and signature pastel artist, Mason's art has won numerous awards across the country and abroad.

But her most recent piece is very personal.

"The entire painting is covered with my fingertips," she said. "So, it's me all over the painting."

Last month, Mason watched as Cassandra Clark, the fiancé of a Marine, shared her frustration with an online flag company that never delivered.

"I call and then the line all of a sudden doesn't work. The phone is disconnected," she said.

NBC 5 Responds helped Cassandra get a full refund from the flag company, but Mason also responded, anxious to give back to this couple.

"Cassandra just wanted a simple piece of artwork. Well, I'm a professional artist," Mason said. "Wouldn't it be great to go above and beyond what they had expected."

Immediately after our story aired, Mason got to work, spending countless hours on a piece this couple would cherish forever.

"I first started off by looking at the couple, the colors in the background. I tried to read into the images that I had before me. With him being a Marine, no brainer. I knew they were going to be the Marine colors," she explained.

The couple had no idea what they were about to see...

A portrait of the two of them, which looks nearly identical to a photo they took about a year ago.

"I'm blown away! She didn't have to do this," the Marine said.

Mason said her motivation was simple.

"I just wanted to show her the outcome can be better and more than what you expect," she said.

"Texas connects us. As Texans, we reach within ourselves and give what we have."

And that wasn't the only piece of art the couple received.

Brandon Eberhart with 416 Custom Designs traveled all the way from Gainseville, Texas to meet the couple and give them a rustic flag, similar to what they had initially ordered.

Eberhart said he saw the story and knew he had to do something to make this Marine and his future wife smile.

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