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Local 7-Year-Old Girl Raises $8,000 for North Texans in Need

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Birdie Martin was snowed in with her Aunt Lindsay when the winter storm hit North Texas at the end of February. Birdie’s parents were traveling, so it was going to be her and her aunt until they could safely get out and about.

"The time together wasn’t wasted. They used it to make dessert bark, but quickly they realized it wasn’t just for them,” Lindsay Billingsley said. “We got word that our nanny’s home flooded [during the storm]. All the pipes needed to be redone and the home was gutted.”

Lindsay Billingsley
Birdie Martin makes her Birdie's Bark. Courtesy: Lindsay Billingsley

Aunt Lindsay and Birdie had the idea to use the sweet treats they were making to have an impromptu bake sale, in hopes of helping with the repairs.

“Her deductible was $4,500. Within 48 hours we had raised enough money to pay the deductible,” Lindsay said.

Courtesy: Lindsay Billingsley
Birdie Martin and her 'sales team.' Courtesy: Lindsay Billingsley

They quickly realized the money kept rolling in. At the time of this article, Birdie’s Bark has raised $8,000.

“Birdie is going to deliver checks to the North Texas Food Bank and The Family Place with the extra earnings. We are going to keep this show on the road to continue to help those in need,” Lindsay said.

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