Liquor Stores Could Be Coming to Keller Thanks to a Petition

Restaurants are already allowed to sell liquor, but this is different

Keller could soon be the next Tarrant County city to have liquor stores.

According to the City of Keller, the Texas Petition Strategies will launch a petition drive within the next few weeks and voters will also be asked to approve mixed beverage sales because there is a piece of annexed land where mixed beverage sales are not allowed.

The petition requires 7,426 registered voters’ signatures to put the election on the ballot, according to the Petition Strategies of Texas.

There are 47,266 residents in Keller.


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Rachel Reynolds, a spokesperson with the city, credited state Rep. Giovanni Capriglione with helping to get legislation passed in 2017 that closed gaps for Keller’s beer and wine retail sales.

Liquor stores would be allowed only with city council approval and owners would have to get specific use permits. The deadline to reach all 7,426 signatures is May 20th.

Restaurants in Keller are allowed to serve beer, wine and liquor but this petition would allow actual liquor stores to sell in the city.

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